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When dealing with Wills, we understand that the parties involved often struggle, going through hard times due to the loss that has taken place. Our deceased estate lawyers in Sydney can make this process a lot easier, faster and stress free by providing our comprehensive legal services.


We specialize and provide a range of deceased estate services:

  • Making a Will

The creation of a Will is specifying the wishes you have on death in the presence of two witnesses. It is recommended to consult a legal advisor in this complicated process.

  • The Power of Attorney

Appointing a power of attorney is the act of bestowing an individual with the ability to make specified legal or financial matters on your behalf, should you fail to be in the capacity to make such decisions yourself

  • Appointing an Enduring Guardian

Appointing an Enduring Guardian is to legally appoint someone for decision making regarding any personal or lifestyle affairs on your behalf, should you fail to be in the capacity to make such decisions yourself

  • Probate and Letters of Administration

Probate is a procedure, whereby applying to the Supreme Court to confirm that the relevant individual in the Will is the executor, who is given the rights to and to distribute the deceased person’s estate.

Letters of Administration are granted by the court to an applicant who has applied to handle a deceased person’s assets and liabilities because there is no Will or executor.

  • Contesting a Will

Contesting a Will is a highly complicated and difficult process as it requires substantial evidence by law in order to determine that other members, who have not been addressed as the executor, are also valued members who are entitled to rights of the Will. That’s why our deceased estate lawyers will be able to confidently assist you in affirming your rights to contest the Will.

  • Defending a Will

Should you find yourself as an executor or administrator being challenged in a dispute over a Will, our lawyers will be able to ease the legal process by providing substantial advice. Due to the complicated and large number of things which must be taken into consideration, it is recommended to consult legal advice.

Our deceased estate lawyers in Sydney offer affordable, professional and specialist legal advice to clients. In addition, we pride ourselves in always maintaining close face-to-face relationships by being inclusive of our client’s needs and providing strong communication.

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