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Have you been appointed an executor and are facing legal or financial impediments? Our lawyers specializing in executors and Wills provide expert legal advice to help you progress through all the necessary procedures.


What is an executor?

On death, people will appoint a person as executor through the contents of a Will, for the purpose of managing and distribution of the estate. This ensures that all assets and liabilities of the deceased are properly handled and dealt with.


Applying for probate

It is necessary for all appointed executors to apply for probate. When confirmed by the Supreme Court, it will highlight that the contents of the Will are valid and that all executors and administrators have the right to manage the legal and financial affairs of the estate.


Can I forfeit my rights as executor?

Yes, you can forfeit your right to be an executor by signing a renunciation form and applying for it at the Supreme Court NSW. Our lawyers for executors specialize in this, and can make it a quick, expeditious process. The sooner the better it is for the Will and its estate.


Do I need a lawyer?

One of the biggest mistakes any executor can make is failing to seek professional legal or financial advice when the responsibilities or duties are too difficult to complete. Often, people will overpay the amount of taxes they have to, or fail to pay their liabilities according to proper standards, leaving them open to the potential of being sued.


These mistakes are costly and will often cause great issue to executors. If the estate that has been leftover to an executor is a complicated business or firm, or a family issue with extensive financial and legal affairs, it is highly recommended to consult a lawyer for executors.


By consulting one of our specialists, our lawyers regarding Wills and executor duties can go into great length and detail, advising you of the extent of your responsibilities and helping you avoid any potential penalties or liabilities that could create great harm to you.


Ensure that you successfully fulfill your duties as an executor by contacting us at 0404 922 941 for legal advice.



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