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Are you interested in applying for a grant of Letters of Administration? If so, our Letters of Administration lawyers in Sydney will be able to guide you through this complicated process.


What are Letters of Administration?

After applying for a grant of Letters of Administration, the Supreme Court will bestow the ability to manage and distribute the deceased assets and relevant claims to the administrator.


There are two forms of Letters of Administrations that are available to be applied for:

  1. Letters of Administration whereby the deceased has died without leaving a Will, known as intestate
  2. Letter of Administration where the Will has been annexed; there is no executed available to apply for a grant of probate

Although it can be a complicated and lengthy process, our Letters of Administration solicitors in Sydney will assist you through the entire procedure. The Law requires a thorough search in order to locate any potential Will that may have been created, and as such our legal team will guide you through this and expedite the process.


How are Letters of Administration different from a Probate?

Letters of Administration in an application made, concerning the circumstance where there is no will available to be referred to. A probate on the other hand involves the name mentioned in the Will, known as the executor to make an application to confirm the validity of the will.


How long does to take to process a Letters of Administration

Our Letters of Administration lawyers in Sydney work expeditiously to speed up the process as much as possible, however much of the procedure is still dependent on the ability of the Court. This means that the process can range from anywhere from 1 to 4 months, which is also contingent on the nature of the application.


How much are the fees and costs involved to apply for Letters of Administration?

The amount of the fees and costs are scaled and dependent on the value of the estate that is involved. As such, it requires an examination of the estate in order to make an accurate assessment.


Our Letters of Administration solicitors in Sydney will help minimize the delays in your procedures by also removing the stress and disputes involved by contacting us at 0404 922 941



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