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Are you planning to appoint a Power of Attorney or an Enduring Guardianship? Our lawyers can provide you with the sound legal advice necessary to inform you of the best decision making possible


What is a Power of Attorney?

The Power of Attorney is a legal document, whereby you have made a person an ‘attorney’, who has been given the authority to responsibly manage any relevant financial or legal affairs. This is performed during circumstances, where you may be unable to manage such affairs.


By bestowing someone with the responsibility of attorney does not omit your ability, or remove you from your financial and legal affairs. Rather, it provides this attorney the ability to manage your financial and legal affairs but according to the instruction that you’ve given. It is your right to cancel your Power of Attorney at any given time you so choose, but only as long as you have the capacity to do so.


What is an Enduring Guardianship?

Unlike a Power of Attorney, an Enduring Guardian has the ability to make decisions on your behalf regarding the areas of accommodation, health, and services. The effect of an Enduring Guardian, and the responsibilities accompanying it are only manifested when you lose the capacity for major personal decision making.


An Enduring Guardian is disallowed from any decision making regarding money or assets.


In order to appoint and Enduring Guardian, a form of appointment must be submitted with all accompanying agreeing signatures being witnessed by an eligible witness. It is of extreme importance that when appointing an Enduring Guardian, they are somebody who very accurately understands your desires and wishes. An Enduring Guardian can be dismissed with the application of a revocation form, but only if you have the capacity to do. 


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